Charles Crabtree

Assistant Professor of Government
Dartmouth College

Charles Crabtree's Website

My research focuses on fairness in politics, with applications to several areas, including the the study of repression, human rights, policing, and immigration. Most of my work in this vein examines the politics, economics, and and sociology of discrimination. Specifically, I examine under what circumstances political actors and institutions treat members of the public differently based on their political views or personal demographics, and how the public views this treatment. Methodologically, I am interested in research design, experiments, and using computational tools to better understand the social world. I have published my research in the American Journal of Political Science, the British Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics [2x], Political Analysis, and in many other journals across political science, economics, legal studies, public administration, and sociology. My other writings have appeared in the South China Morning Post, The Atlantic, The Hill, The Japan Times, the Washington Post, and in Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research publications.