Felicity Vabulas

Assistant Professor of International Studies
Pepperdine University


Felicity Vabulas's Website

Dr. Vabulas earned her PhD and MPP in public policy from the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on the political economy of international organizations and foreign lobbying. She has three ongoing research projects. Her first project examines when and why states exit international organizations (IOs). This set of papers investigates both suspensions as a multilateral diplomatic sanctioning tool as well as unilateral IO withdrawals (like Brexit). Her second project studies states’ increasing use of informal intergovernmental organizations such as the G7 and G20 rather than traditional IOs with treaties and permanent secretariats. Her third research project examines how foreign lobbying affects U.S. foreign policy including how it alters human rights, trade, and foreign aid allocations. This research includes work published in the Review of International Organizations, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Peace Research and multiple edited volume chapters.