Roy Germano

Senior Research Scholar
NYU School of Law

Roy Germano's Website

I am a Senior Research Scholar at the NYU School of Law doing empirical research on topics such as immigration, trademark infringement, class action litigation, and the role of ideology in constitutional litigation. My book “Outsourcing Welfare” (Oxford University Press, 2018) explores the impact of migrant remittances on political behavior in 50 low- and middle-income countries. My research has also been published in The University of Chicago Law Review, The NYU Law Review, Perspectives on Politics, Electoral Studies, the Duke Law Journal, Research & Politics, Latino Studies, Migration Studies, The Charleston Law Review, and The William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal. In addition to my published work, I made a documentary based on my dissertation fieldwork called “The Other Side of Immigration” (2010). It was distributed on Netflix, named one of the ‚Äú11 best civil rights movies of all time‚Äù by The Hill, and received the 2011 American Library Association Notable Video Award.